24 Jul
Dance Rock meets classic 80s Vectrex arcade game

Ahh the 80’s… so many classic pieces of pop culture that we can’t seem to stop loving the crap out of. A few of my personal faves? MTV, Miami Vice, Better Off Dead, Smoking in public places, cocaine in public places, puking in… OK, sorry got carried away in my 80s memories. But fret not, I am only referencing the 80s because I’ve been watching the new video from Detroit “Circuit Band” TYPICAL REPTILES which is clearly inspired by my favorite 80’s video game system VECTREX! These guys’ melody lines and instrumental hooks will take you on a nice Midnight Juggernauts-adjacent digital trip from electronic to new wave and beyond while nodding heavily to the vintage gaming system that I have been blabbing about here. Yeah Atari was tight, Intellivision had its merits and ColecoVision changed the game, but for my (friends’ parents’) money Vectrex was the ill behavior of choice for my early years. For those who don’t (or simply can’t) remember the mighty Vectrex then Google that shit, but the quick on that is that Vectrex was a little TV Screen and controller combo versus the usual home gaming console that you plugged into a TV. Vectrex had loads of cool games including arcade classics like Asteroids and I rocked it like a hurricane every chance I got — and wish I still could today, so I could blast away some 8bit baddies while I put Typical Reptiles’ Passport EP on repeat and complete the circle of my life. If you like it too, pick up Passport now on iTunes.

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