29 Jul
Mechs, demons, superheroes, video game legends & more

Last Friday is we posted our Nerds vs. the Hollywood Armageddon At San Diego Comic Con feature, where we discussed the balance between the hardcore fans and the Hollywood machine that has taken over the event. It’s not necessarily a bad thing — the money provides for quite a spectacle, and elevates SDCC into a unique hierchy of nerddom. Still, it’s important that the Comic Con retain its DNA, its foundation as a creative celebration of all that is comics and art-inspired. One of the most salient representations of that is the Cosplay — people who spend unkonwn hours creating the perfect costume to emulate their favorite characters. The results are stunning at times. Today SDCC put together this video celebrating the cosplayers that represented in 2013, and there are many jaw-dropping attendees. Look out for the giant mech, as well as amazing examples of demons, superheroes, video game legends and more…

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