30 Aug
Clean white upper, perforated stripes & green accents

Every man should own at least one pair of Stan Smiths. No, scratch that — every man, woman and child alive should own a pair of Stan Smiths. In fact, they should have charities where they gift Stan Smiths to Congolese children who don’t have shoes (they really should do that). Along with the Chuck Taylor and Vans slip-ons, it’s one of the must-have silhouettes that will never age. After monkeys take over the world and bury the Statue Of Liberty under the sand, those upstart simians will probably be rocking Stan Smiths (keep your hands off my Stan Smiths, you filthy apes!). Unfortunately for you, in the last couple years if you were in the market for a pair of Stan Smiths you were assed out, as adidas ceased production on the timeless sneaker awhile ago. Fortunately for you, adidas announced today they will be re-introducing the shoe into production. Yipppeeee! The Stan Smith sneaker will return September 4th as a limited launch, and then will be back in more widespread production in 2014 — looking pretty much the same as when it was called the “Robert Haillet”. You know, clean white leather upper, triple perforated stripes and green accents — what more do you need? That was before Mr. Smith started rocking them and made them an iconic chemical in the pro tennis equation. Keep an eye out for them at your local (tasteful) sneaker boutique.

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