Bearbricks come in all sizes, but pretty much only one shape. Slap a different graphic on it and voilà — Medicom Toy has made another “limited edition” creation that collectors around the globe eagerly snap up. It’s a pretty clever business model. Of course Star Wars wants in on the action (has George Lucas Disney ever shied away from an easy buck?), as they’ve released many a Star Wars-themed Bearbrick in the past. But when you release a Boba Fett version — only the most bad ass bounty hunter in the galaxy far, far away — and make it the ginormous 400% size, it’s worth noting. At 280 mm tall, the Star Wars x Medicom Toy 400% “Boba Fett” Bearbrick will be limited to only 1,000 figures — get yours when it releases on August 31 for about $83 (8,190 Yen).

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