Ha ha — do y’all remember when people used to lament the corporatization of hip-hop? Like, when it first started to go mainstream and everyone was up in arms because N.W.A. and Body Count were being banned from record stores (Google “Tower Records” kids), and Public Enemy had middle America experiencing Tea Party-like fainting spells every time they stormed a stage? LOL, almost seems quaint now doesn’t it? Now Ice Cube is doing Disney movies and schlocking Coors Light in the world’s gayest commercials, and Ice “Cop Killer” T plays a detective on TV. Isn’t life wacky? Well, in the “I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later” files comes Hanging With the Homies, a series of air fresheners featuring your favorite gangsta rappers from the Golden Era. That’s right, you can freshen up your Yaris with the minty smell of Eazy-E, or watch Dr. Dre swing back and forth from the rearview mirror while you listen to the latest Jay-Z commercial album. Life is good huh? Props to the guys behind this project for avoiding using “wit da” in the title, we get the feeling their hearts are in the right place. Pick ’em up at Hanging With the Homies for $5 each.

More looks at the Hanging With the Homies air fresheners after the Jump…

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