Heiko is from Germany with a specialized field in Whisky. After finishing his apprenticeship as a fully trained hotel clerk he began work as a barkeeper in the 5-Star Hotel A-Rosa on the beautiful island of Sylt. He discovered the passion for whisky a few years ago and since then his life is full of usige beatha — that’s Gaelic for “water of life”. In February 2012 Heiko was appointed as the 72nd Malt Ambassador of Campari Germany. It is his intention to bring whisky to all who want to learn more about that holy water. This is his fourth High Spirits taste test for LIAS, see his first review HERE.

Sorry that it took me so long to get you another review, but here at Sylt it is high season at the moment. That means a lot to work, but now it’s time for some good and new stuff. Hope you will enjoy reading the next!

Even when it is sunny at my lovely home Island of Sylt, the weather is turning. Clouds are coming, deep in color. The wind is getting stronger and blowing the clouds in front of the sun. It’s getting dark, very dark; a storm is coming. Thunder cracks, rain pours, the sea is getting rough and not a place you want to be. Luckily all of these things are just happening in my mind, and in my glass as well. It’s time for another nice dram, the Talisker Storm.

Talisker, the only distillery on the beautiful Isle of Skye. The range starts with the traditional Ten-Year (45.8% vol.), the Talisker North with 57% vol. (because of its 57°17’.9N Latitude), the 18-Year (45.8% vol) and now the Talisker Storm, also with 45.8% vol. A few years ago Talisker had its 175th birthday, which they celebrated with an anniversary edition. But now it’s time for a stormy expression, a new no age statement whisky released at the beginning of 2013.

Talisker was established in 1830 and had 7 different owners until 1960. In November 1960 the whole distillery burned down because one of the valves of still No. 1 was left opened. In this time the stills were heated by coal, and as the spirit ran out of still No. 1 it ignited and burned everything down. In 1962 the Distillery was completely rebuilt, so the taste won’t change.

Alright, enough history — let’s move to the present. Now I will taste the Talisker Storm.

Things to know:

You may have seen me use the word dram at times. A dram is a unit of 2cl of alcohol, just in case you had no idea what I am talking about.

Nose: 4.2

Light, sweet with a heavy note of peat compared with pepper and notes of heather flower. Some vanilla and fresh fruits like apricots jump out. Strong and heavy, like it should be. Hard in the alcohol, even after a while of smelling.

Things to know:

Put some of this nice spirit on your hand and rub it, then have a deep smell of your hands. The alcohol will pass away, as well as the peat and you will only smell the pure nice wheat which was used to distill it.

Taste: 4.5

Strong, heavy, hot, spicy and a little bit of sweetness. Pepper and some notes of fresh sea. The strength dominates the front of the mouth but in the back it is sweet and lovely.

Finish: 4.4

Soft, some hints of bitterness which disappear as fast as they appears. Fresh notes of sea salt, compared with algae and the taste which will be in your mouth when you haven’t been a long time at the North Sea. Alive and warming with a long aftertaste.

A really nice dram for everyone. Elegant and strong as well. Even if you don’t know the real age of this Whisky it is all the money worth.

Price per bottle: $62

Total Value: 4.4

Hope you’d enjoyed reading my blog and see ya next time folks


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