26 Aug
Protect your copy of "Cat's Craddle" like a Samurai

OK, we’re definitely geeking out here when we correct the makers of these Katana Bookends that ninjas did not actually use katanas, but rather wielded ninjato swords. Ninjatos are straight, katanas are curved and used by samurai. So you can’t really live out your ninja dreams with these protecting your books, but you can at least pretend you’re a drunken samurai who likes to pierce his books with weapons lying around the house. Good thing is the simulations above are actually magnetic, and work with hidden metal brackets that you can’t even see. So your beloved copy of Catch 22 can remain unscathed. Get your Katana Magnetic Ninja Samurai Bookends at Mustard for about $30 (£20).

More looks at the Katana Bookends packaging after the Jump…

via FatKids


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