15 Aug
Skinned horror labbit featuring sculpted brain & muscle tissue

Finally, a Labbit fucked up enough to give your kid nightmares. Kidrobot’s signature toy returns from the hellish landscapes with this original Keep Watch Labbit, a true horror Labbit skinned to its sculpted brain, bare muscle tissue, gradient tendons and never blinking eye. “There’s a hell for all things, men and labbits alike!” write Kidrobot. “In their underworld Keep Watch Labbits run perpetually from disembodied Hell Hands offering the most unholy petting.” Yeah, makes sense — if I were being pet by disembodied Hell Hands I too would be running around with my eyes peeled back like a crackhead. That’s pretty much a no brainer. The 7″ vinyl figure is designed by the freaks over at Mishka, and it’s limited to only 1,250 pieces. Get your Keep Watch Labbit By Mishka now for about $125 (€95).

via Fat Kids

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