27 Aug
Crafted of surgical-grade stainless steel with LED time

Of course the ideal way to tell the time is with a Bell & Ross chronograph (in our little world, at least), but there are other options. Some prefer to simply use their iPhones as timekeepers. But where’s the style in that? If you want to elevate your clockwatching game to the next level, you should give a gander to the Ring Clock. Crafted of surgical-grade stainless steel, the eco-friendly Ring Clock only displays time when you rotate the ring via bright LED lights (in orange or blue). You wirelessly charge the watch’s ultrathin battery as seen below on its dock, giving it enough juice for a week’s usage. Of course it’s water-resistant as well so you don’t have to sweat washing your hands… or sweating, for that matter. Get your own Ring Clock for $185.

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