12 Aug
1/6th-scale action figures from artist/designer Ashley Wood

The amazing crew over at 3A Toys teased a trio of new zombie soldiers from their DEAD EASY CORP set. The highly detailed 1/6th-scale action figures are part of 3A Toys’ “Adventure Kartel” line, and feature three robot-hunting, machine-gun-toting zombie soldiers billed for a September release/pre-order. As they write:

“Normally found in sweaty dick pouches of jungles and other septic enviro’s doing shit that is best left unmentioned. But when the robots have New Alexandria bent over the shitter ready to give them the old private school welcome, Zomb and Human alike have to join forces to send them packing!”

Figures. Only Robots could inspire the undead and the un-undead to blow shit up together. Goddamn robots, when will mankind ever learn?! More info on 3A Toys’ latest DEAD EASY CORP toys coming soon…

via Fat Kids

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