29 Aug
GOIN x INSTINCTOY collaborate on exclusive 150-piece release

Japanese artist Hiroto Ohkubo of INSTINCTOY has given his own particular twist to the Bad Apple figure, lending it his trademark spray can drips also seen in GOIN’s original bad apple artwork. The result is a twisted take on Snow White, rendered with anarchist’s mask and quite tempting grenade substituted for her legendary apple. The “Disney” on the bandana is even transformed to “Destroy” to illuminate her intentions, as if they weren’t clear already. The Liquid Erosion “Bad Apple” sculpture took over 6 months to develop, and it will be limited to only 150 pieces each. INSTINCTOY selected a red grenade (below) to symbolize “the burning passion of the Bad Apple” while GOIN favored a white grenade (above) to stay loyal to his roots in black & white graffiti art. The blister packaging for both editions was designed by GOIN. Pre-order them now for $150.

See the packaging for the Liquid Erosion “Bad Apple” sculpture after the Jump…


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