13 Aug
Clip-on Zeiss lens & improved sensors for your iPhone & Android

A new camera hybrid technology is developing, one that uses your iPhone’s electronics as its guts but is augmented with a state-of-the-art lens and sensors for higher quality images. Today Sony teased images of its “Lens Camera” — a lens that clips on an iPhone or Android, and via Wi-Fi communicates with its host’s app. The images are then saved on an SD card built into the “Lens Camera”, resulting in a much higher quality, and higher resolution, image than the naked phone could provide on its own. Of the two “Lens Cameras” featured here, one is rumored to be based on Sony’s RX100 Cyber-shot (which boasts a one-inch sensor), and the other a 18-megapixel sensor with a considerable 10x zoom — and both feature super sharp Carl Zeiss lenses. IF these rumors are true, expect the inane world of Instagram and selfies to be elevated to the next level of detail and crispness. More details as the rumors turn to facts.

Two of Sony’s (Rumored) Lens Camera models below…


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