Really surprising more artist haven’t spoken out about the unwarranted surveillance and wiretapping of U.S. citizens by the NSA — I guess when the musical landscape consists of mainstream schlock, KISS dribble and corporate teet suckers you’re really not gonna find much resistance (whattup Jay-Z!). YACHT feels differently. The duo is donating 100% of the sales of their new song “Party at the NSA” to protest — you can download “Party At the NSA” HERE for a pay-what-you-want donation, and ALL the money will go straight to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a nonprofit leading the fight against the NSA’s illegal mass surveillance program.

“Party at the NSA,” also features a guitar solo by none other than Marc Maron — the cantankerous comedian well known to be a strong advocate of digital rights, and someone who has extensively advocated against Patent Trolls. Like YACHT (aka producer Jona Bechtolt and singer Claire L. Evans), Maron strongly believes the Internet should be a free space for ideas. “We live much of our lives online; we should be outraged by the extent of the NSA’s domestic spying programs,” says YACHT. “Instead, we are sinking into a dangerous indifference. Insidious forces are at work. Help us reverse the entropy.”

If you care to, download “Party at the NSA” and your money goes straight to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, who will help defend us all from living in a total surveillance state. Props as well to label DFA Records, who you know have to be supporting their band’s efforts.

PS: Miss Claire L. Evans wrote a very engaging, articulate piece on Drones, Elysium and the culture of detached murder for Grantland yesterday — it’s well worth your time. Girl keeps busy!

Lyrics for YACHT’s “Party at the NSA” after the Jump…

Party at the NSA Lyrics

Did you read my mail again?
How do you find the time?
I lost my signal yesterday,
But it was never mine.

We don’t need no privacy.
What do you want that for?
Don’t you think it’ll spoil our fun
If you let that whistle blow?

P-P-P-Party at the NSA,
Twenty, twenty, twenty-four hours a day!

There is a rainbow at the end of every P-R-I-S-M.

Be careful where you look today,
Careful what you share.
We’re gonna make history.
But it won’t know we’re there.

The world looks stranger when you look
Through electronic eyes.
There’s a place in the Beehive State
Where the network goes to die.

P-P-P-Party at the NSA,
Twenty, twenty, twenty-four hours a day!

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