23 Sep
Carbon fiber body, traction control, launch control & ABS brakes

British automaker Caterham unveiled its brand new roadster at the at the Singapore Grand Prix this past weekend. Like the VUHL 05 and Mastretta MXT before it, the Caterham AeroSeven Concept is an ultra-lightweight speedster aimed directly at the racetrack. Like those other spartan 2-seaters, the AeroSeven Concept lacks certain modern “luxuries” including a windshield. The AeroSeven is based on Caterham’s Seven chassis, except it’s outfitted with fully carbon fiber body parts. Due to its svelte nature and 237 hp (152 lb-ft torque) naturally aspirated 4-cylinder engine, the AeroSeven can accelerate from 0-62 mph in under four seconds. Unlike other cars in the Caterham stable — which are renowned for their stripped down, driver-first nature — the AeroSeven will come loaded with electronic driving aids including traction control, launch control and ABS brakes. A first for the driver-aid allergic automaker, all these systems can be controlled (and disabled) from the Formula One steering wheel. Although just unveiled, Caterham hopes to have its AeroSeven in production by Fall of 2014.

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