Robocop. The remake. Need we say more? Arguably Paul Verhoeven’s best film, and one of the best sci-fi action films of the 80s (the finest decade for the stuff), gets the reboot. It will be tough to live up to the original, but what the fuck can you say about a modernized ED209?! Bring it on, Alex Murphy, bring it on…

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  1. Jill Trill says:

    They shot part of this movie at Centennial College not too long ago. They shot in our gym facilities. The part in the trailer when you see him walking on a track for a split second, that’s the upper level of our gym. Random info for anyone who cares.

  2. […] admit it, I was a bit skeptical about the Robocop reboot when first images leaked online. And the first trailer wasn’t that hot, either. But Watching ED209 strut down an Afghani street with empire […]

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