27 Sep
The world's most beautiful Light Sport Aircraft gets X-rayed

We covered the Icon A5 when it first debuted in 2009, and then used the ingenious flying device when we test drove the Aston Martin DB9. Suffice to say, we’re huge fans of the planes design. Its brilliantly engineered, aesthetically gorgeous, and one of those rare achievements that reminds you that yes, the future is coming. Maybe we were promised jet packs, but we’ll take a folding plane instead. The ICON A5 fits under the Light Sport Aircraft category, which means it fits under a reasonably new set of parameters by the FAA that allows one to fly smaller planes with a quicker license. No you aren’t allowed to go anywhere near an airfield with a tower, but you can use nontraditional landing strips — like lakes and ponds. Ergo the amphibious A5. The origami-like plane not only fits in a double-side car garage when folded, but you can unload it on Lake Winnipesaukee and take it out on a spin over the White Mountains. Or I don’t know, whatever the hell else you’d want to do with it (we might suggest skimming over the home of Dick Cheney and throwing water balloons). As the A5 nears production, Icon has created a “Systems Layout Model” that shows key engineering structures and systems illustrated onto the fuselage of the plane via automotive vinyl wrapping. Consider it an X-Ray of the A5’s bones, only without the cancer-inducing electromagnetic radiation. We don’t really need another reason to buy an Icon A5, but I think they just added another…

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