11 Sep
Benz's luxury flagship loses 2 doors, gains 4.6L Biturbo V8

The much anticipated S-Class Coupe was finally revealed by Mercedes-Benz at the Frankfurt Auto Show, and it is a beauty. Sure some spy shots had been captured of the long, swooping two-door beast, but the official concept is a stunner. Replacing the CL model, the  S-Class Coupe won’t try to be for Benz what the SLS AMG has been (aka a rabid track car dressed in street clothing), but rather aims its guns at the true Grand Tourers of the world — think Aston Martin Vanquish, Bentley GT, Ferrari 599, Jaguar XKR, etc. The  S-Class Coupe features a 449 horsepower 4.6L Biturbo V8 with a withering 516 lb-ft of torque, plus beau coup interior appointments like 12″ display screens, “black diamond” surfacing, and Benz’s proprietary MoodGrid multimedia option — a music library of over 18 million song from which you can select. More info on the S-Class Coupe as it develops…

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