It’s not exactly breaking news — we here at LIAS like to drive fast, and do so in very expensive vehicles. We also like nice stuff. Would we consider ourselves epicureans of the fine automotive life? Sure, why not. That’s why we can appreciate The Gentleman’s Guide to Racing — a project/website/collective headed by Michael “Skiny” Powers trying to live the dream by driving in all of the world’s most spectacular races. They’ve already conquered the Baja 1000 and The Mint 400 (as popularized by the great Hunter S. Thompson), and now they’re on to developing their adventure into a full fledged TV show. But to do so they need our help — so they’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to get it moving. As they describe:

“The Gentleman’s Guide to Racing is a group of Motorsports absorbed gentleman traveling the globe to compete in all the worlds great races. Dakar, Pikes Peak, The Baja 1000, Goodwood, La Carerra Pan America to name a few.

With a foundation in place we have now arrived at the second chapter in the evolution of the GGTR and your donations will ensure we reach the next level.

We are hoping to raise completion funds to edit a pilot episode of the Gentleman’s Guide to Racing out of footage from our past two races as an online documentary that will be broadcast to Motortrends 1.6 million youtube subscribers and also to edit and package a pilot episode of The Gentleman’s Guide to Racing as a TV show.”

Watch the clip below to hear Skiny’s pitch, and if you like what you hear head on over to their Kickstarter page and donate. There are a bunch of cool donation packages to choose from, and who knows — maybe you could end up on one of their epic adventures right along with them. Dare to dream, right…?

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