There will never be a shortage of art inspired by Star Wars. It’s like Pandora’s Box — those damned demons have been granted their freedom, and there’s no way to ever again stop the onslaught. Stormtrooper helmets — among the most iconic elements of the Star Wars universe — seem to be particularly ripe for artistic interpretation (need we go any further than the Stormtrooper helmet crafted from Adidas sneakers, or that Tie Fighter Replica Helmet?) Now established art consortium Art Below is getting in on the action, hosting an exhibition called Art Wars that asks the world’s highest profile artists to re-imagine the iconic helmets. No less than Damien Hirst, Mr. Brainwash, David Bailey, Paul Fryer, Joana Vasconcelos and the Chapman brothers have agreed to participate, and throw their pieces into the mix. Focused on the “Turning the Dark Side Onto the Art Side” motto, Art Wars will be unveiled at the Strarta Art Fair in London tomorrow till October 13th at the Saatchi Gallery. It will also show at the tube stop of the Regent’s Park Underground, where commuters can use the Art Wars app to explore the Stormtroopers in 3D via smartphones. Nice touch. Proceeds from the exhibit will go to the Missing Tom Fund, established to help find Art Below founder Ben Moore brother who’s been missing since 2003. Andrew Ainsworth – the credited creator of the Stormtrooper aesthetic — is also involved.

The Saatchi Gallery
Duke Of York’s HQ, King’s Rd
London SW3 4RY

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