15 Oct
Turn your American supercar into a wagon

Santa Ana, CA-based Corvette modifiers Callaway Cars have designed an AeroWagon shooting brake version of GM’s technical wonder Corvette Stingray. The seventh-gen C7 gets a booty extension to make it more practical — and a waaaaay cheaper alternative to Ferrari’s FF (altho the FF is AWD). The concept was designed by Paul Deutschman, Callaway’s long-time design director. The AeroWagon body will be made entirely out of carbon fiber, giving the normally coupe Stingray a shooting brake design usually reserved for the highest echelon of supercars. Extending the interior space, the Callaway AeroWagon promises to be a 200+ mph speedster while still keeping the C7’s highest mileage rating in the supercar segment (with its 30 mpg on highways intact). The price of the AeroWagon package has been set at $15,000 for the natural carbon fiber finish, while a painted-to-match body color option will cost additional $1,500. AeroWagon production is scheduled to commence in January 2014, pre-orders are being accepted now.

The Callaway “AeroWagon” Corvette Stingray Concept…

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