14 Oct
One-off café racer-style bike built in Venice Beach

Since Australian custom motorcycle builders/lifestyle clothing manufacturer Deus Ex Machina opened shop in our hometown of Venice Beach, CA, the band of creatives have built 8 custom bikes. The Bully, seen here, is #9. Built from the remains of a post-collision Buell Lightning X1, The Bully had its compromised frame revitalized with a new chromoly subframe and an added swingarm. Then Woolie, prime builder at the Venice Beach location (aka Woolie’s Workshop), got to work. Built using as many American made parts as possible, Woolie added a handmade aluminum gas tank and seat, the former referencing a 1980s Yamaha TZ250 and the latter a Superbike from the same decade. With a color scheme lifted from the owner’s self designed Nike high-tops, The Bully also features an asymmetric fender and speedo brackets and a variety of billet aluminum parts from Rizoma USA. So far only one Bully has been built, but the café racer-style bike can be made to order directly from Deus.

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