9 Oct
Stunning modified bodykit & 781 hp for Ferrari's GT

Italian aftermarket customizers Novitec Rosso specialize in Ferrari, so one would expect their widebody kit for the beautiful F12berlinetta to be nothing less than stunning. Constructed of ultra-light/ultra-strong carbon fiber, the N-LARGO widebody kit expands the rear axles by 11 centimeters and the front by 6, crafting striking hour-glass fenders to fit the widened wheels. Precise-fit liners were developed for the larger arches, offering just enough space for the custom-developed NF5 NL wheels. The tailor-made three-piece Novitec Rosso NF5 NL wheels are manufactured using high-tech forging technology, and combine 21-inch rims in the front with 22-inch rims on the rear. The widebody configuration allows for the NF5 NLs to be designed with an extremely concave wheel spider and five delicate double spokes, all wrapped in Pirelli’s P ZERO high-performance tires. New carbon-fiber air scoops, front and rear fascia, front grille, spoilers and rocker panels fulfill the body kit, all available with a clear-coated carbon-fiber finish if you prefer. Special sport springs lower ride height by up to 40 millimeters, however the  revised suspension features a front lift function which can raise the F12berlinetta back to its original position should you encounter a steep ramp (or passed out peasant) in the real world. New mapping for Ferrari’s world class 6.3-liter 12-cylinder engine and a Novitec Rosso high-performance quad exhaust combine to upgrade power to 781 hp (574 kW) and peak torque to 722 Nm at 6,400 rpm — granting the upgraded F12berlinetta a dizzying top speed of about 218 mph (350 km/h). All in all the Novitec Rosso N-LARGO represents a winning combination of eyebrow-lifting design with improved aerodynamic efficiency.

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