There’s nothing like getting to the bottom of a bag of drugs only to realize you have another smaller bag of drugs stashed somewhere that you forgot about. It’s kind of like venturing out to a show and BAM — the opening act is on par with the headliner. Such was the case at the legendary Troubadour in Los Angeles last Friday, when L.A. locals Wildcat! Wildcat! slid on stage with the harmonizing banshee howls of “Mr. Quiche” and “Please and Thank You.” These kids go back to high school together, evident in their carefree verve that exists somewhere between a heady bowl of kush and a slow Molly roll. With a great vibe and a good dose of radio-friendly hits, they were maybe about three quarters of the way to being appropriately referred to as….

Fucking awesome.  Now, I do not use that combination of words lightly.  There’s a New York pro skateboarder named Jason Dill who started a clothing line called Fucking Awesome, but the irony of that is so heavy it swung back and landed with a thud. And I once did coke with a South African model in London who proclaimed she was in a band called Fucking Awesome, but that was at 4am after she blew a line the size of my forearm, and she said it while guzzling a bottle of Dom. So that was definitely bullshit. But in this case, while Wildcat! Wildcat! came really close to FA status, there was indeed something Fucking Awesome and that was….

Lesbians.  There were a helluva lot of lesbians in the crowd at the Troubadour, everywhere you looked, and they were all nuzzling and kissing in dark corners and right out in the open, and pushing about a 3-out-of-5 gorgeous ratio at that.  I mean, you don’t get that kind of a ratio anywhere — not strip clubs, not yoga, not Whole Foods. It was really kind of amazing and had me wondering if I had finally figured out where all the gorgeous lesbians go to hang, or whether they were drawn here by some special kind of….

Drugs. Yes, they came for the headlining bag of drugs, MS MR. And when the “ms” part came on stage, Lizzy Plapinger, a lithe refreshing minx with (color of the week) seaweed green-yellow hair and a sequined drummer boy jacket, shaking her shimmy in 5-inch platform shoes, I realized exactly why they all turned out. Because with her massive presence, voice and energy, Lizzy is Fucking Awesome and her bandmate-keyboardist-producer Max Hershenow is right there with her. But what’s especially rad about girls so obviously digging Lizzy is that us guys automatically get a free pass to ogle her without having to pretend to listen to “Bones” (Game of Thrones Season 3!) and their angsty hit “Hurricane,” even though we aren’t. Fuckin’ A.

More looks at MS MR & Wildcat! Wildcat! live at the Troubadour after the Jump…

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