We jump into BMW’s renewed third generation M6 Coupe supercar, just to see if Bavaria’s regained its mojo. With menacing authority — and 580 horses + 500 lb-ft of torque — the carbon fiber crowned sled definitively says yes. The high performance GT is about all you can handle. All images by James Bailey.

I’m gonna share a little secret: I used to love BMWs. My very first car was a 1981 BMW 325i, a gleaming white gift from my pops when he unexpectedly moved to Phoenix over a summer holiday. Then about 10 years ago he bought a 1985 BMW M6, one of the most beautiful cars in BMW’s storied history. I coveted that low-slung streetballer like a man eyeing his neighbor’s wife. This part’s no secret: everyone used to desire a BMW. Then unfortunately designer Chris Bangle came around, added the infamous Flame Application across the Bavarian line-up and the smoldering embers of my lust were squelched. Thanks Chris, you allowed me to move onto other obsessions, like my current Audi S4.

But something has changed in Bavaria, and an automaker that has lost its way through the Desert Of Amorphous Design has found its compass, recaptured its mojo. And in no automobile is that more prevalent than in BMW’s third generation M6 Coupe. BMW’s once aimless design direction has returned from its desert wanderings, thirsty and determined to reclaim its stake. When I first saw the M6 parked in my driveway this was clear — its Sakhir Orange metallic paint absorbing the sun’s brilliance, the deeply stamped lines slicing its personality on the squat aluminum body, the exposed carbon fiber hood a crown of next level technology.

The prodigal son has returned.

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“Performance has never been questioned, but now the M6’s aggressive shell equals its prizefighter guts…”

Even with its diluted looks performance has never been questioned in Munich, and now with the Bimmer’s new M6 its aggressive shell matches its prizefighter guts. Under the long hood pumps a 4.4-liter heart good for a supercar-worthy 560 horses, its power mated to a 7-speed double clutch transmission with paddle shifters. Featuring direct injection and twin-scroll turbochargers, the V8 is what gives the M6 its pec-flexing muscle. The engine is a beast, reaching its full torque of 500 lb-ft at an astoundingly low 1500 rpm — meaning the quite massive 2-ton, 193-inch-long sled is throwing haymakers as soon as your toe touches the aluminum gas pedal. That’s 0-60 in four seconds flat. Driving the M6 on the street will make you feel like an MMA fighter knuckle-dragging his manhood through the crowd at Electric Daisy Carnival.

Of course it’s a BMW so all this will cost you. Plenty of amenities come standard with the seemingly manageable $105,000 pricetag, such as electrohydraulic dampers, lane departure warning, active blind spot detection, side- and top-view cameras, automatic high beams, full LED lights, soft-close automatic doors and peerless 20-way power seats with 4-way lumbar support. (At the push of a button the seats even extend to offer your lower thigh some extra support. Nice.) But the ceramic brakes with matching 20” alloy wheels will pop $10K on the pricetag, a requisite necessity on a car this heavy. Add another $3,500 for the gorgeous Merino leather interior, and before you know it you’re flirting with a $130,000 vehicle. Pricey yes, but a helluva steed to return home on from your desert wanderings…

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