LURE just announced they’re teaming up with our friends at IHEARTCOMIX (Franki Chan & his Check Yo Ponytail contingent) to host their weekly IHC SUNDAYS club night. The grand opening will go down this Sunday, October 13th, with Clockwork, Just Blaze, Franki Chan and Bones performing. If you live in LA you know that Check Yo Ponytail and iheartcomix have been one of the strongest proponents of quality music in LA clubs, so you can expect some proper weekend nightcaps. Plus, LURE is one of Hollywood’s best curated “mainstream” venues – with Private Label popping off every Thursday and the infamous  Do Over returning soon on Sundays – so the collaboration seems promising. Future Sunday nights will feature Switch, Two Door Cinema Club, Maxim (of the Prodigy), Run DMT and more. If you’re looking for a bootyshaking way to wrap up your weekend festivities, this will surely be it — get your tix HERE.

1439 Ivar Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90028

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