1 Oct
A quick glimpse at one of Japan's most unique bike customizers

These short art films are often beautifully made, and here director Danielle Levitt does a nice job of emoting the inchoate ambiance of being in Japanese motorcycle modifier Shinya Kimura’s workspace. But sometimes it feels like a tease, and you desperately want to get a longer format version where you can actually sink your teeth into Shinya’s technique — both physical and mental. Moving from Okazaki, Japan, to Azusa, California, Shinya has always pioneered the art form of motorcycle customization, crafting a unique look heavy on the concept of wabi sabi — the idea that items gain inimitable soul from wear and tear. His designs are future forward never retro, but always retain a level of raw emotion that are impossible to replicate. Watch the video below to catch a couple glimpses of his bikes, as well to hear Shinya philosophize on all matters of motorcycle Zen. It’s funny to hear him humbly refer to himself as a “motorcycle mechanic”, when doing so is on par with calling Mozart a pianist. Enjoy…

SHINYA KIMURA – “Motorcycle Mechanic” from Evan Scott on Vimeo.

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