8 Oct
Russia meets Washington in this 2013 Limited Edition bike

Russian manufacturer Ural has carved out a nice niche in the motorcycle game by producing beautiful, retro bikes with sidecars. They’re not really “retro”, however, because Ural has been making variations of these bikes since the 1940s. We’ve covered several of their bikes over the years, including their sT and M70 “70th Anniversary” Motorcycle. Their latest limited edition motorcycle is an American West-inspired sidecar dubbed the Gaucho Rambler. The bike was created in collaboration with Pendleton Woolen Mills, a Washington label well acclimated to the collab game — just peep their Opening Ceremony Reversible Denim JacketLevi’s Workwear Collection and Roll-Top Boots with Timberland + Opening Cermony.

The Ural Gaucho Rambler aims to manifest the spirit of the cowboy in steel and rubber, the idea of the nomadic wanderer exploring the limits of his own horizon. Using a unique Pacific Blue color created by Pendleton, the motorcycle features sunburned canvas upholstery, silver build, an accessory windscreen and one of Pendleton’s Journey West blankets strapped to the sidecar, its limited commemorative label easily visible.

“Ural and Pendleton are two companies which at different points in time ventured out to find home in the American West, both of which endured many challenges and yet all the while maintained their authenticity,” explains Ural VP of Sales & Marketing Madina Merzhoeva.  “This year Pendleton’s anniversary celebrates 150 years of weaving textiles in America and Ural marks its 20th year in the US. Paying homage to our beginnings and the pioneering spirit is what connects the two brands and inspired this collaboration.”

The Ural Gaucho Rambler fulfills its wandering Cowboy duties with on-demand two-wheel drive, a spare tire and a GSI Outdoors camp kit — perfect to get the wind-in-your-face journeys started. There will only be 50 of these limited edition bikes built, with an MSRP of $14,350.

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