21 Nov
Sydney, LA, Bali & Milan battle for best custom motorcycle

Custom motorcycle builders (and clothing brand extraordinaire) Deus Ex Machina held their now-annual Boundless Enthusiasm Bike Build Off on Saturday, October 26th. The competition brought together all the campuses of the Deus Empire (Sydney, Los Angeles, Bali and Milan), where they selected the one-off custom bike they prefer most. Each store had between 40 to 50 home-assembled entries, with judges in Los Angeles including two of the motorcycle world’s heavyweights: builder Shinya Kimura (who we’ve feature here and here) and Yoshi Kosaka of Garage Company fame. They didn’t have to be the prettiest, no one’s saying they were the “best”, they just had to be as creative as possible. As Deus explain:

“It’s guys and gals building bikes, from individual ideas and old parts. It’s not a custom motorcycle show. It’s not a competition, because the “best” might just be the crappiest and there’s even an award for Best Sense of Humour. It’s just messin’ with motorcycles, is what it is… There was one, over-arching rule: Create the most with the least.”

The winner (seen above) was a Café Racer styled bike made by motor home builders “Semanagat Son Motor”, built from the base of a Honda GL 100:

“We used the 3-cylinder engine from a Yamaha Mio head engine, completed with 3 carburetors to finally reach a 600Cc power engine. Using the front shock from CBR1000, the front hub is a combination of a custom hand made Yamaha Mio and a Honda Supra. As for the rear hub we combined a Binter Mercy and a Honda Supra. The swing arm is from a Triumph Bonneville that has been hand made polish same as the exhaust. The tank made of galvanized metal sheet and the seat made of fiberglass have been inspired from a Café Racer. The paint job (red and white) are original Javanese motif.”

In our humble opinion it wasn’t the most interesting bike, but it was a thoughtful creation. Peep the gallery below to see the rest of the winners, some of which are true beauties…

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