18 Nov
Lawrence Bros team up with legendary guitarist & producer

If Disclosure gets any shit, it’s usually from old school purists who don’t think the young’uns have the necessary age to reference their progenitors as well as they do. That’s a bullshit critique — who cares how old you are, as long as the work you do is genuine, honest and more importantly good? Their new collaboration with legendary guitarist and producer Nile Rodgers will either show haters that the Lawrence Brothers know what they’re doing, or only add fuel to the fire (the fact that Rogers worked on Daft Punk’s latest won’t help). The first house/disco oriented track, aptly titled “Together”, can now be heard below and also features the work of UK singer Sam Smith (first heard on Disclosure’s “Latch”) and producer Jimmy Napes. Supposedly there are more tracks coming, but first give “Together” a listen below…

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