20 Nov
Racing division unveils boxy concept at Tokyo Motor Show

Nissan’s NISMO racing division has been busy of late, yesterday revealing their NISMO edition GT-R supercar and video showing it breaking the Nürburgring lap speed record along the way. Today they unveil another creation, this one much quirkier although in our eyes even more lustworthy. Taking inspiration from the Datsun B500 cars of late 60s, their IDx NISMO Concept car fuses boxy vintage looks with state-of-the-art technology. Fitted with carbon fiber panels and a highly efficient 1.6L turbocharged 4-banger, the IDx NISMO is a lightweight sportster measuring only 1.8 meters wide. The car premiered at the Tokyo Motor Show which is inexplicably occurring at the exact same time as Los Angeles’ Auto Show, surely causing havoc for many an OEM. The IDx NISMO also features the ynchronized rev control first seen in the 370Z, and can be put in a manual shift mode as well. Car is gorgeous, although highly unlikely we’d ever see a street version… although who knows, the retro market has been hot for the past decade so who’s to say that Datsun Nissan won’t tap their sports heritage…

More looks at the Tokyo Motor Show after the Jump…

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