I keep thinking that it would be good to get a board game night going again. Some of my favorite memories of high school (and sadly college) were hanging out with my fellow geeks and playing games deep into the night, drinking gallons of Mountain Dew when we were young, and Southern Comfort as we got older. Of course that was really before we had lives, or really knew how to talk to girls, so playing Dungeons & Dragons until sun-up was pretty much the highlight of our week. Now that I’ve discovered girls, booze and drugs it’s harder to find time to get together and just throw dice around, but if I did I may give this Risk “The Walking Dead” edition board game a shot. The game isn’t just a weak re-branded version of the awesome classic strategy game, but rather switches things up with a new map based on the southeast USA. According to Gadget Review, “Every turn, more zombies spawn on the board as a mindless extra player; they’re going to build up their armies and attack. You also have a scenario to play out at the end of the turn, drawn from the world of the Walking Dead. Adding to the fun is that the game comes with two rule sets. If you’ve got some time on your hands, you can play by classic Risk rules; if you’ve only got the night, there’s a quick and brutal rule set that speeds things up.” Sounds promising — and a way better reason to stay up all night than studying. Or doing meth. Pick it up for $50.

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