Secret admission: I’m a dick in the mornings. Don’t like them, never have. I’m pretty much a night owl, my juices flowing best after 10 PM. But life calls for early mornings, which for me is anytime before 9 AM — and my way to kick things off is with a big mug of Stumptown coffee, brewed dark and ground in my kitchen. Lord pity the person that tries speaking to me before I manage to first taste that delicious snap of roasted goodness on my tongue. I just might have to crack them over the head with my coffee mug — ideally a coffee mug with brass knuckles attached. And even more ideally a coffee mug with brass knuckles attached with blood splatters already pre-painted on the white ceramic, so when I go on my violent head cracking spree I can just blame ThinkGeek. Get your excuse for early morning violence for only $13.

via Fat Kids

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