5 Dec
Everyone's favorite family dog to return on December 15th

For anyone still mourning the death of Brian on Family Guy from a couple weeks back, it’s time you got a grip on reality. Yes, Brian was arguably the best character on the long-running Seth MacFarlane cash cow, and yes it sucked to see him trampled by a car unexpectedly. But killing off a prime character unexpectedly — and then resurrecting them even more unexpectedly — is the oldest trick in the Hollywood playbook to generate interest (and ratings) for a once-popular-but-lagging show. And it seems that Family Guy is not above such cheap antics (shocker!). Word on the street is that Brian will (allegedly) make his return only two weeks from now, just as soon as the buzz and re-sparked interest in Family Guy has done its job. Label us jaded, but we’re going to believe what the little bird told us and wait to see everyone’s favorite boozing-failed-writer-family-dog return on December 15th… you heard it here first…

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