10 Dec
Built on the concept of extreme lightweight & burly V8 power

Niche coach builder Lucra Cars were founded on the concept that you could engineer a car that featured both extreme light weight and burly V8 power, with an emphasis on balanced weight distribution and superior ergonomics. After crafting the curvaceous LC470, the California-based Lucra now unveils their latest ode to petroleum burning thrills: the L148. Like the LC470 before it, the L148 is a front engined, rear-wheel drive two-door roadster. The gorgeous (although slightly Ferrari 599-reminiscent) L148 is powered by an LS7 4.7-liter V8 plucked from the heart of a Corvette, wrapped in an aerodynamic shell crafted entirely of carbon fiber. Although other details are scarce, the L148 claims 500 horsepower and a 0-60 mph click in a scorching 2.5 seconds. If they hadn’t already built a real car we’d just assume this was vaporware, but we look forward to hearing more about Lucra’s stunning L148 as it develops. Watch the video below for a quick 360-degree view of the beautiful supercar.

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