18 Dec
Reflecting how we simple humans perceive passage of time

The fine folks over at NOOKA offer a head turning timepiece that’s as stunning in its design as it is in its heft (or lack thereof). The NOOKA K gets its name from the Japanese word “Kei” meaning light — which makes sense, as the K is NOOKA’s lightest watch ever made. Weighing in at an airy 1.5 ounces, the K features NOOKA’s trademark Zen H face, a unique digital design that displays time passing along linearly, horizontally, reflecting how we simple humans perceive the passage of time (clearly not a watch aimed at quantum theorists). The NOOKA K is available in 4 colors — Black (above), Green/Grey (below) and Orange/Periwinkle and White (after the Jump) — and features interchangeable silicone bands so that each user can create his perfect combo watch. Nice. You can find the ultra lightweight K over at NOOKA for $80.

More looks at the NOOKA K Watch after the Jump…

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