A long lost interview with Tupac Shakur dating back to 1994 gets animated as part of PBS’s Blank On Blank series. The idea of the series is to expose little known journalist interviews with celebrities — often posthumously — by giving a visual to the spoken word. This time it’s writer Benjamin Svetkey who interviews Pac at a Hollywood restaurant for an Entertainment Weekly feature, during which he discusses his rape charge, going to prison, and being comforted by Madonna for being called the antichrist. Strangely, he also relates his crushing disappointment to having his record condemned by political punchline and ex-vice president Dan Quayle, moments after saying “I’m ready to be the bad guy. They gave me that job; I’m ready to have it.” Illustrating in one short five-minute interview the fascinating walking contradiction that is and always was Tupac — a brilliant rapper who one moment was admonishing men to respect the ladies, and the next dropping lyrics so misogynistic Bushwhick Bill might cringe. Definitely one of the greats, not just in hip-hop but all time poet musicians. Always a treat to unearth some lost Tupac…

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