Usually you watch a broadcast of a sports game and really never think of the amount of work and complexity that goes on behind the scenes to bring you the game. Or, maybe you do. Maybe you watch the carefully choreographed production and wonder exactly how that happens. SB Nation’s latest mini-documentary, Sunday Symphony, sheds some light on the massive undertaking that goes on for every game — not just the mega clashes like Patriots vs. Broncos, but also the lesser viewed Jacksonville vs. Buffalo games. It is an immense machine, involving over 200 seasoned credentialed workers — stage managers, statisticians, runners, producers, directors, camera operators, remote controlled camera operators, etc — transmitting over 3,500 signals on eight fibers between two massive big rig trucks. The 13-minute doc also illuminates how technology is quickly changing the quality of what we’re seeing — from increased frame rates for better slow motion to higher definition 4K cameras with ten times the pixel information as 720P. Even how sound gets done, mixed and panned during the broadcast. If you enjoy the NFL, or just seeing how the guts of the broadcast game are accomplished, watch SB Nation’s Sunday Symphony below.

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