Suntory Limited’s 50-Year Old Yamazaki is the highest-priced single malt whisky in Japan. Crafted from Japanese malted barley at the Yamazaki distillery in the early 1950s, the key malt that forms the base spirit for this ultra-rare whisky was prepared with Yamazaki’s signature water, fermented, and then distilled in first edition Japanese pot stills. The malt was then transferred to a Mizunara cask — the most Japanese of wooden casks — and left to mature quietly for more than 50 years. This old spirit with its one-of-a-kind elegant aroma of eaglewood is extremely highly valued, with a cost of about $9,700 (1,000,000 Yen) per bottle. The beautifully packaged Yamazaki Single Malt 50-Year Old Whisky is limited to only 50 bottles, and is therefore nearly impossible to find.

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