Back in 2009 we previewed what we thought was one of the funniest shows, well, ever — Archer, calling it the Funniest Animated Show on TV…? Possibly. Well four seasons later we’d have to agree with our early assessment. Archer kicks all sorts of ass, but we know the Adam Reed-created show ain’t for everyone. We’ve played it for several of our “friends” who just didn’t get it, which I myself just don’t get. What is there not to like about a philandering super agent who beds Russian spies, defeats space pirates, drives a suped-up El Camino and drinks the world’s finest scotch? I’d say Sterling Archer — voiced by the inimitable H. Jon Benjamin — is something like a hero to us. Season 5 starts tonight, January 13th, on FX so if you haven’t seen the best animated show on TV yet then set your Tivo’s to record and stir yourself up a spicy pitcher of bloody mary’s — you’re in for a treat…

PS: If you want to read an excellent account of all of Archer’s vehicle choices on the show then check out Mike Spinelli’s The Cars Of Archer feature for Jalopnik.

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