17 Jan
Artist Emilio Garcia's limited edition resin cephalic weaponry

Are you the type of guy who drops little nuggets of knowledge everywhere you go? Are you the sort of armchair philosopher who attends parties, passes out weed-based consumables to passersby and then casually slips Buddhist koans into conversations to blow everyone’s minds? Then you need artist Emilio Garcia’s BRAINADE!, a limited edition weapon of psychic deconstruction. The piece will be made available soon, with a very precise buying process, via Jumping Brain:

“Soon we are releasing the BRAINADE, the new limited edition Brain Grenade resin figure by Emilio Garcia. We’ve decided to go with a lottery style release through the Emilio Garcia Shop site. If you are choosen from the lottery, you will receive an email wich includes a Secret Link to buy your piece. The price will be between 50 and 80EUR, and you will have 24 hours to finalize the purchase after the Secret Link email is sent. If not all pieces are purchased by the first group, a second round of emails will go out until all orders in edition size are finalized. Good luck!”

S go for it, amateur blower-of-minds at cocktail parties! It’s clear that Emilio Garcia’s limited edition resin pun was made for you…

via Fat Kids

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