Check out the tracks below. The soundcloud playlist and youtube videos are a sort of conga line of what people on the internets are talking about right now including new releases, re-issues and some just reified.

The Verlaines – The Lady and the LizardIf you like Joy Division and Pavement, you’ll love The Verlaines. Their 1985 debut album Hallelujah – All the Way Home along with the 1987 compilation Juvenilia were just re-issued on Flying Nun.

Kerridge – Black Sun: Black sun is coming. Let this be your intro. Death is upon us. Clips from Kerridge’s new release A Fallen Empire out on Downwards are available on soundcloud. Listen to whole tracks on youtube.

My Nu Leng, Taiki & NUlight – Levels: Music coming off a label called Black Butter Records. This is what it must sound like when your brain finally attracts an orbiting ring made of countless small particles ranging in size from micrometres to metres that are made almost entirely of water ice with a trace component of rocky material. Buy this track off the EP called Contact.

Justus Kohncke – Tell MeKohncke is a minimal electronic music artist whose beats can be described as tumble dried. He just released his first solo album since 2008 on German label Kompakt.

Danny Brown – “Kush Coma”: Just in case you missed this in 2013. I first heard this song while I was illicitly listening to a radio show on the loud speakers at my retail job. The second it came on, I turned the volume way up. I subsequently became the employee not to be like, but I was still in a kush coma, kush coma. Part of Brown’s full-length Old out on Fools Gold.

Pusha T – “Suicide”: Just in case you missed this one too! Debut album on Def Jam My Name Is My Name from Pusha T (a member of G.O.O.D.) this song features Ab-Liva. People are afraid of the apocalypse, people…let’s consume alcohol.

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks – “Lariat”: This track is from their new album that just came out on Matador. “I wouldn’t candy-coat your lightning kisses.” Yeah we’re drunk and listening to music from “the best decade ever.” Machines haven’t totally taken over. Yet.

Marcos Cabral – “Dancing on Manhattan”: Outsider house! Yeah people, it’s happening. It’s slow building too (like builds over time). And unlike the above aforementioned, the people in charge of the compilation this song appears on hate people. Yeah, they hate New York too. Check to see if it’s in stock.

International Submarine Band – Millers CaveThere is a new box set out. It’s called There’s a Dream I’ve Been Saving: Lee Hazlewood Industries 1966-1971.  The four-disc box set includes two discs of Hazlewood’s own solo output for LHI and two discs collecting songs by the label’s pop hopefuls, including obscure folk-rockers like the International Submarine Band, the musical endeavor of Gram Parsons while he was studying theology at Harvard….Buy it here.

DJ Koze – “Magical Boy”: This track off of well-beloved secret DJ Koze’s 2013 album Amygdala released on his own imprint Pampa to basically everyone’s critical acclaim, features Matthew Dear. A lyric in this song is, “when I’m climbing lemon trees of feelings.” When I’m listening to this song I feel like I’ve been invited to a specific few un-hyped puddles where a friendly specter’s face has magically appeared co-mingling with city elements on corner blocks.

Hit the Jump for some extra bonus videos that we got on repeat…

Excepter – “Maids”: The latest in synth ostinato.

D.A.F. – Liebe auf den Ersten Blick – This is real.

DJ Rashad – Pass That Shit This is so smooth. One of my top jams from 2013. It was also just announced that DJ Rashad is playing at the NRML festival that happens in March in Mexico. This is a big reason to go.

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