13 Jan
A new production-possible version of the sportiest Beetle ever

Volkswagen just premiered its Beetle Dune concept car at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, giving a new generation of car aficionados the chance to see a Beetle with the old school “dune buggy” look it was known for decades ago. Essentially a Baja Bug designed for the 21st Century, the Dune concept hints at the potential for a new production version of the sportiest Beetle ever. Based on the turbocharged 210-horsepower Beetle R-Line, the Dune features innovative ski racks built into the roof, rear spoilers and a longer, wider, and taller stance — including two additional inches of ground clearance. The Dune concept is painted in a yellow-orange metallic “Arizona” paint scheme, with rugged two-part wheelarch extensions that are offset in matte black. Integrated on top of the main matte parts are gloss black “blades” that — because they do not make direct contact — appear to hover above the massive wheel housings. There’s also a chrome-plated underbody skidplate and brushed aluminum sill trim panels. The Dune’s revamped interior includes an added grab handle, exterior-matching “Arizona” color scheme and a high-resolution 7.7-inch AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic LED) touchscreen. Of course this is only a concept, but it’s relative closeness to reality makes the Dune a potential limited edition release for VW in the future.

More looks at the Volkswagen Beetle “Dune” Concept Car after the Jump…

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