Last week we welcomed back one of our favorite shows to the airwaves, Archer, and this week another beloved crew of debaucherous, egomaniacal, dimwitted jerkoffs returns to the cable boxes: Workaholics. If you for some reason have yet to catch the weekly genius of Adam, Ders, Blake and Carl, we highly recommend you start — especially as season 4 kicks off tonight on Comedy Central. Whether they’re giving massages to homeless people in a rape van, getting hand jobs from Montes’ wife, attending Insane Clown Posse concerts or simply getting beat up by high school students, it’s safe to say hijinx will ensue. Here the crew attend Conan O’Brien’s show, and decide to sing an impromptu Ode to Best Friends, with Coco on guitar. Enjoy, and set your Tivo’s for tonight’s return of Workaholics

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