20 Feb
Easily the all time coolest interpretation of Kidrobot's figure

We caught wind of Buff Monster and Lamour Supreme’s collaborative work on their customized Dunny a couple months back, but good images of the unique figure weren’t available. Now, they are. Featuring two of our favorite artists laying their trade on Kidrobot’s overused ubiquitous blank vinyl figure, the Buff Monster x Lamour Supreme Dunny is truly something to behold. Check out the details as you rotate the giant 4-foot toy after the Jump, it’s truly spectacular. It’s no wonder these two artists work together so often; their styles are so complimentary. While one would think that Buff Monster’s round adorability would clash with Lamour Supreme’s graphic, stylized horror, the opposite is actually the case: they add to each other’s strengths. Plus, their color palettes really compliment as well. The Buff Monster x Lamour Supreme Dunny is a one-off, so no chance to own it, but damn would that look good on the LIAS HQ fireplace…

More highly detailed looks at the Buff Monster x Lamour Supreme Dunny after the Jump…

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