14 Feb
Designer Ryan Christensen's sack of Sour Diesel cannabis

It’s pretty clear who the target market is for this here particular pillow. I’m not gonna say you have to be a full-on pothead to enjoy this “Giant Stash” Pillowcase, but I’m sure it helps. And who doesn’t have an adorable stoner in their lives? You know, maybe they have a pot leaf tattooed on their shoulder. Or they’re huge fans of Wiz Khalifa. Maybe they have a couple High Times centerfolds taped to their bedroom wall somewhere. I’m thinking you know who I’m talking about. It’s for those proud Champions of Cheeba that Washington-based designer Ryan Christensen created his “Giant Stash” Pillowcase. The giant pillow is printed with highly detailed graphics of an enormous, drool-inducing volume of Sour Diesel weed, and comes complete with zippered top and — in a nod to the still criminal nature of weed in some states — an internal pocket to stash your actual broccoli. Because a cop would have to be crazy to search a bag printed with gigantic bud graphics for actual weed. It’s like hiding your porn in your girl’s vagina. She’d never look for it there. Help Christensen realize his uber-stoner dreams over at his Kickstarter page here.

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