6 Feb
From the Raxus Prime Jawas to the Nal Hutta Hutts

What if the NFL existed in the Star Wars universe? Or rather, what if Jedi Knights traveled inter-dimensionally to our universe, and decided to make a little extra side cheddar playing professional ball? Chances are they’d pretty much kick everyone’s ass — I’d like to see what the Dagobah Yodas would do to Ndamukong Suh’s punk ass. Strangely enough, artist John Raya has asked the same question, and has come up with this alternate universe Star Wars x NFL collection of helmets. Every NFL team is represented, with some really clever cross-brand teams imagined including the Kansas City Chiefs-aping Endor Ewoks, and the very Cincinnati Bengals-looking Iridonia Zabraks — who certainly would be quite dangerous running a post route. Great stuff. Love that the Patriots are represented by the Coruscant Jedis, although I think about 90% of the league would argue that one. Peep the entire NFC teams and AFC teams rosters.

More looks at the Star Wars x NFL Alternate Universe helmets after the Jump…

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