14 Mar
Shining a light on the ongoing 3-year civil unrest

Not one to sit on the political fence, especially when it comes to radically unjust wars, Banksy has animated a short film titled #WithSyria to shed light and attention on the ongoing crisis in Syria. It’s been three long years since the civil war erupted, and in its time over 100,000 civilians — men, women and children — have been killed. While many think of Syria as our enemies, Banksy’s film goes to illustrate that the real human beings behind enemy lines are anything but. Narrated by the always awesome Idris Elba, #WithSyria uses an animated form of Banksy’s famed “Girl with the Red Balloon” stencil, all over a soundtrack of “The Blanket Of Night” by Elbow. Simply watch the video for a beautiful Banksy vignette, or if you care to head over to #WithSyria for more info.

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