18 Mar
Breakbeats + Booty Bass + Miami = A Very Good Thing

For about 10 years between the late 90s and throughout the naughts, Winter Music Conference in Miami was pretty much the greatest place on god’s green Earth. Directly following SXSW, WMC was the electronic/dance/EDM equivalent, except with turquoise water, bikinis, late night Cuban food and gorgeous art deco hotels. Just the thought of it makes me teary eyed and wistful (and kind of hungover). Now WMC is pretty much a memory, absorbed by the Ultra Music Festival and disappearing into the memories of tens of thousands of lucky dance music fans. But that’s not to say there’s not people holding onto the flame — such as our boy Deekline, who’s put together this Hot Cakes Miami Mix 2014 mixtape to celebrate current goings-on in South Beach. Featuring a nearly one-hour collection of sunny breakbeats, booty bass, classic tracks (“Red Alert”, “Push It”, “Shake That Ass”, “Supersonic”, etc), exclusive remixes and of course copious old skool Miami Bass, the mixtape makes me nostalgic for the Delano pool’s swimsuited beauties and Pawn Shop after-hour debauchery… long may it live! Stream Deekline’s Hot Cakes Miami Mix 2014 mixtape below, or DOWNLOAD it for free as you please…

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