28 Mar
A must-have for all your space travels & Easter egg hunts

Who is Astrolapin? What is Astrolapin? A cute traveling rabbit with an outer-space twist, duh. Actually, in addition to the aforementioned, Astrolapin is a bunny sculpture from UK artist Mr. Clement, with Astrolapin being a recurring motif throughout his work. This Rotofugi-exclusive vinyl sculpture stands at 16″ tall (5.9″x8.9″x16.1″) and comes with a detailed map of Chicago (for proper interstellar bunny-related sight seeing), signed certificate of authenticity and limited-edition number. With only 50 in this edition, there is a limit of one per customer-household. Get on it and get yours for $175.

More peeks at Mr. Clement’s Astrolapin after the Jump…

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