If your perception of Texas is that it’s just a big state full of big trucks, perhaps you could use some clarification. Texas Quail Hunting, a 296-page photo collection by A. Lokey, makes it pretty damned clear that Texas is actually a big beautiful state, and some of those big trucks happen to be highly souped-up quail-hunting rigs — a waning remnant of authentic Texan heritage. From jeeps to dualies to even hyped-up Polaris ATVs, each of these vehicles are expertly customized barges of the Texan Serengeti, limited only by the needs, imagination and often budget of the hunter. Curious about the culture, practice or hoopties of these gentlemen-hunters? Pull up a chair, an ice cooler and a shotgun, and once you’ve strapped it all to the deck of your Silverado, get some learning in about a dying breed, being mindful that the dying breed in this instance may just be the hunter more so than the hunted.

Whether or not hunting is your bag, the history and awe-inspiring level of landscape shown in these pages deserves your respect. As Texas Quail Hunting was shot on location across the sprawling quail-hunting ranches of Southern and Central Texas, the book takes an artful look into local history, shedding light on a perspective that is far more than just hillbillies in make-shift Hummers plucking varmints from the open range. Rather, it gives us the reminder that somewhere out yonder, a tradition has found a place to be remembered.

Photographer A. Lokey is a Texas native whose work has been featured throughout the world and also resides in the local permanent collections of fine-art museums. Lokey spent over three years investigating the back nooks and rural corners of Texas to find the best and most interesting characters involved in the sport, and the results are beautifully shot anthropological studies of a little-known American tradition. Get one of only 900 trade-edition copies for $85, or one of 100-limited edition signed copies for $600, or just peep out more about his take on soul-catching quail catchers here.

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